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March 15,2014
Dallas Browne

The Tuition Assistance program, or TA, is an educational financial assistance program for US military personnel. Service members are encouraged to further their education and the pursuit of these goals is supported by TA program.

Tuition Assistance is a benefit extended to all active duty service members. Each branch of the armed forces has their own set of rules and regulations, but they all fall under the umbrella of Tuition Assistance. Each branch of the armed services determines what the service member needs to do to be eligible for the education benefit. If the service member is found to be eligible there is an application process and all educational services must be approved before coursework can begin. It is important that the service member apply for TA well in advance of the estimated date that they wish to start courses. The process of applying for TA can involve several verification processes depending on the branch of service an individual is in.

Tuition Assistance is not a loan that has to be paid back. It is money earned by the military member through time in service. Soldiers can receive up to $250 per semester hour towards the completion of a Bachelor’s degree. These funds cannot be used for lower level programs such as a second Associate’s or second Bachelor’s degree.

The TA program has allowed countless US military service men and women to pursue their higher educational goals while serving the country honorably and in the face of great danger. The educational benefit package available to service members is often a huge “selling point” for recruiters. Lots of people dream of going to college to earn a degree but the reality is that a college education is expensive and student loan debt is not something most people want hanging over them for the rest of their lives. New soldiers often see military service as the means to an end. They can serve and protect their country while earning a degree and other educational benefits. They can earn a degree without incurring a large amount of oppressive student loan debts.

There are many different financial aid options available for US military members. The TA program and other similar educational financial aid benefits are earned through their service to the country, and are just a small fraction of what is owed to these brave men and women who serve our country so dutifully.

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