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Best Penny Alerts is a stock pick program which delivers stock picks right to your inbox so that you can invest accordingly without the time or experience necessary. It has one distinction which makes it different from and superior to the vast majority of programs on the market today which this version of my stock picking software reviews will highlight.

The first thing to mention in this Best Penny Alerts editions of stock picking software reviews is how it works to actually find what it deems to be a high probability pick. The program builds a huge database of well performing stock behavior of the past, looking specifically at the market factors which led to those breakout performances. It then applies that information to real time market behavior 24 hours a day to find even the slightest overlaps between the two to further investigate.

Because every aspect of the process is based on algorithmically studied market behavior, no emotions or other potentially harmful factors pollute your trading. You don’t need a background in investing or any kind of experience beyond knowing how to enact a trade to see good money come from the market from this reliable form of trading.

The major distinction which separates Best Penny Alerts from other stock picking software reviews I’ve covered in the past is that it exclusively targets penny stocks as the name suggests. It’s a completely different analytical process anticipating behavior of cheaper stocks given the increased volatility, so Best Penny Alerts makes it its sole purpose to find the highest probability low priced stocks before they trend. By staying away from greater priced, more established stocks altogether, it boasts a much higher winning rate and its picks go on much great trends in a shorter period of time.

For example, the first pick which I received from the program was first valued at 12 cents initially. I bought 1000 shares totally an investment of $120 using an online trade account. This was late Sunday night. When the market opened Monday morning that stock saw a healthy upswing throughout the day and though I didn’t have a chance to check back in on its performance until near the end of the day, it closed at a decidedly impressive 26 cents.

When the market opened the next day, it performed better than ever with an initial first hour jump to 34 cents which can be attributed to the fact that outside investors took notice of its previous day’s performance and jumped on its bandwagon. Ultimately it topped off at 39 cents a share, well more than tripling from its initial value, before leveling out and reversing at which point I got out.

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