The AI Avatar Transfer to Augmented Reality May Be So Subtle We Won’t Notice the Rapid Changes


It seems these days that many people have blurred their virtual world with the real world. If you doubt what I’m saying, why not stand in line at the airport, the DMV, or even at Starbucks and just count how many people are on their smart phones or personal tech devices busy texting their friends, checking other social networks, or reading news online. I imagine with the number of people busy online these days, you could easily cut in line and no one would be the wiser. They are too caught up in their multitasking world, one that doesn’t even exist, only online in ones and zeros.

This of course brings me to the topic I’d like to discuss with you today. Eventually, you will live vicariously in the virtual world through an avatar, one with artificial intelligence, one which may even predict your next move before you even think of it, and ask you if that is something you’d like. That’s already happening isn’t it? Perhaps you have one of those apps on your smart phone device that hook to a GPS unit, and it knows where you are, and when you are passing your favorite store. Have you noticed that they are beginning to send you coupons, and deals as you pass by?

You didn’t even think that you wanted a Starbucks yet, but you are passing by a Starbucks store, and you get a text message, or an e-mail alert that they are having a deal on pumpkin spice lattes for 30% off, so of course that sounds good to you, so you readjust your route, and pull into the parking lot. Are you beginning to see how the blurred reality between virtual and real world is occurring?

Eventually you may be able to shop for clothes, and your avatar will try them on, and you can look at it in those new threads online to see what they look like on you.

The digital image will show up on your tablet computer, and your avatar will have your exact measurements, and the inventory of the virtual retail store, some warehouse near a FED EX hub, or a UPS terminal will check to see if it is in stock. You press a one click button, and it will be there before 10 o’clock the next morning. That’s amazing, but this is just one way that your artificial intelligent avatar will start to bridge the gap between the real world and an augmented reality.

The number of applications for things like this will increase, but they will be subtle changes, and you may not even realize how rapidly things are actually changing in the way you do your life. Consider if you will that you spend a good number of hours on social networks, but five or six years ago, they didn’t even exist. Imagine what it will be like in five more years, or five years after that, or five years again?

Are you beginning to see my point here, you probably aren’t even noticing the changes which have already occurred, not to mention the subtle changes that are happening in real time. Please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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