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Sleep Number stock down nearly 10% as shortages crimp Q2 sales

Shares of Sleep Number Corp. SNBR, +5.42% fell more than 9% in the extended session Tuesday after the company reported…

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Weight Loss and Sleep Deprivation – Is There a Connection?

How can sleep deprivation affect weight loss? Surely the reverse is true! If we’re tossing and turning all night, aren’t…

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Is There A Link Between Chronic Sleep Deprivation and Stroke?

Chronic sleep deprivation happens when you experience long-term sleeplessness at bedtime. Frequent wakefulness and difficulty falling and staying asleep may…

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Sleep Deprivation and Stress

Are you too busy to get a good night’s sleep? Do you use your night trying to fit in jobs…

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What Does Sleep Deprivation Look Like?

Many people do not realize how sleep deprived they are. Do you believe that the minute your head hits the…

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Sleep Deprivation and Weight Gain

Sleep needs vary across ages and are especially impacted by lifestyle and health. Researchers cannot pinpoint an exact amount of…