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Amazon Secures Patent for Track Supply Chain via Blockchain

By Landon Manning The U.S. technology and shipping colossus Amazon (AMZN) has made a significant step toward integrating blockchain technology…

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Acquire An AI Mindset To Drive Value in 2020

By Darren Roos, CEO of IFS The technology gains of the past decade have been tremendous, with this era being dubbed the Fourth Industrial…

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How Biometric Wallets and eMoney Ensure Nations Can Respond to Pandemics

By Bob Reid, CEO and Co-Founder of Everest We live in unprecedented, fragile times, with conditions changing at a velocity our…

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Key Indicator Turns Bullish as Bitcoin Struggles to Break Above $10K

View The three-day chart MACD’s first bullish turn in over three months could bode well for bitcoin’s price, according to…

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McKinsey: Long-Term Benefits For Blockchain Adopters in Capital Markets and Investment Banking

McKinsey & Company is widely considered to be one of the world’s most prestigious management consultancies. With clients including 80…

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Bitcoin May See November Price Boost With Halving Due in Six Months

View Bitcoin tends to pick up a strong bid six months ahead of the reward halving, according to historical data….

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Four Ways the Blockchain Will Make the World a Better Place

By Alex Lielacher Blockchain technology is in the process of disrupting a wide range of industries across the globe. The…

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How Blockchain Is Shaking Things Up: Bestselling Author Alex Tapscott Looks Ahead

By Michael Scott 2016 has been a year of significant advancement for blockchain technology, a globally distributed ledger with digital…

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Blockchain Technology Will Help The World Go Green

By Linda Rosencrance IBM (IBM) and the Beijing-based Energy-Blockchain Labs are taking blockchain technology where no other commercial application of…

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How Blockchain Is Changing Venture Capital, Enterprise Investment, And Startups

By James MacAlistair Bitcoin forever changed the face of currency, but it’s the computerized and networked infrastructure of Bitcoin, called…

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Five Ways The Blockchain Is Changing The Status Quo In Financial Services

By Alex Lielacher A recent report by Accenture suggests that the implementation of blockchain technology in financial services could save…

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Bitcoin Keeps Failing at This Key Price Hurdle

View A four-month falling trendline proved a tough nut to crack during the Asian trading hours and reversed bitcoin’s rise…