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SAP SE. the European multinational software and technology solutions corporation published a new digital learning action for students and professionals. This initiative would help people interested in continuous learning during this COVID-19 challenging time to learn and gain new skills through new innovative and interactive educational content. 

This compelling program is based on three educational objects: massive open online courses (aka MOOCs), learning journeys for universities, and the SAP Young Thinkers program – as part of SAP’s comprehensive learning and enablement program.

Concerning learning, SAP provides also a solid platform named openSAPa virtual door that is dedicated to helping students with training and education materials related to the latest digital innovations and leading technologies. 

Whether you are interested in robotics (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), or the Internet of Things (IoT) the free program includes a diverse range of high-quality courses with proven classroom learning concepts all delivered online and aimed to provide a great learning experience to the students and users. 

The tendency for online learning is growing steadily every day. For a broader range, the student can join the SAP University Alliances program where the program offers a multitude of subjects including the SAP S/4HANA Cloud solutions. The training and courses are delivered in various learning formats and multiple languages allowing more flexibility for the users. Some of the tools and programs are dedicated to helping students prepare for exams to obtain SAP global certifications in the related fields. 


You can access the Free open SAP program here

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