Powerful Sexual Breathing Techniques

breathing techniques

To improve your sex drive, the first thing I always recommend starting with is practicing more relaxing and engaging breathing techniques.

This is because its so simple, takes zero time or effort, can be done RIGHT NOW, and creates a profoundly wonderful effect. Though breathing alone can be the topic of an entire book all by itself, here is an easy and incredibly effective way to breathe for better sex and health, so follow these directions:

Stand Up.

Close your Eyes.

Focus your eyes at the center of your forehead or as close to that as you can WITHOUT straining.

Tilt your head upwards slightly.

Breathe slowly and deeply in through your nose, filling up the bottom of your stomach all the way up through your lungs.

Fill up your whole body with your breathe.

Hold this breath for 3 seconds.

Exhale slowly through your nose again.

Repeat this five times. Do not count how long it takes. Just relax and focus on the FEELING that this brings you.

Breathing in this manner frees you up from the burden of focusing on yourself because it relaxes your whole mind and body, which then shifts your focus onto the whole experience of the pleasure of the sex itself and everything around you – including your partner.

This is why all top martial artists engage in breathing exercises – it makes them fully aware of everything around them, not just themselves. Breathing well heals your body faster and on top of that, it just feels amazing. And you can use this at ANY TIME YOU NEED IT.

I also recommend that you practice this with your partner.

Other Ways to do this:

Sitting Straight up Indian style. Sitting or Relaxing in your favorite recliner (again, with proper back support and good posture). And of course, laying down in bed.

Source by Niko Kavinsky

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