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If you have been wondering how to learn Spanish for free online then you are in the right place. You are going to discover the best websites that feature free content for you to learn and enjoy.

Learning Spanish for free online is one of the best methods you can implement to learn the language. It can work pretty well, especially for advanced learners that already have some knowledge of the Spanish language and can be pretty good self learners.

Below you are going to find these websites, in no particular order:

1. Study Spanish

This website features a lot of free content as well as paid premium course. The free content is full of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and speaking activities. The vocabulary part is very popular, especially the section “Daily Word”. You can see a different word everyday, with its meaning. The word is used in context and pronounced by a native Spanish speaker.

Among the free resources it has we can find: free online dictionary, podcasts, idiom generator, online translator and quizzes.

This is one of the websites most visited by people that want to learn Spanish for free online.

2. 123 Teach Me

“123 Teach Me” is another very popular and growing website among people interested in learning Spanish online. It offers a variety of free Spanish courses for all levels of knowledge. There is a free conversation course, free grammar course, a placement test, mp3 lessons a sentence maker, and many other free resources that will make you love the website. Besides, there is a whole section for kids interested in learning the Spanish language online.

One of the most favorite aspects about this website is that it offers many didactic and fun activities for you to learn and practice the language. We highly recommend this website for anyone that wants to learn Spanish for free online. There are also paid premium content and resources in case you want to go deeper in your learning.

3. Spanish Romance

This website offers lots of free content for the person interested in learning the Spanish language from the comfort of their home.

For example, it has sections for free lessons on vocabulary, grammar, conversation and even literature. The site also covers many aspects of the culture of Spanish speaking countries like Spanish names, food, jokes, sayings, riddles, poems and proverbs, among other aspects.

This is probably the main value of the website since it provides a very good introduction to the culture of these countries. There is also an online Spanish dictionary, free to use. We are very confident that you will love this website as much as the others.

4. LiveMocha

LiveMocha is the biggest community for language learners online. It is widely popular because it integrates the learning part with social networking functions. Think about a Fcebook for language learners and enthusiasts. Among the several languages that you can learn and practice in the site, Spanish is one of the most popular.

This website does not need lots of introduction from us. Just join and enjoy the community. You will learn a lot and make lots of friends as well.

Remember how important is to practice Spanish with a native speaker of the language? Well, LiveMocha is the place where you can meet many of them.

Now that you know some of the most important websites to learn Spanish for free online, it is about time that you start learning and practicing. You will enjoy the process greatly, your knowledge of the Spanish language will grow tremendously and you will make lots of friends at the same time.

Source by Aniketa Adame Sanabria

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