How to Defend Your Case List For the OBGYN Oral Boards


The Case List is worth 50% of the OBGYN Oral Boards and you must be able to defend every case listed. To succeed and be more confident with the examiner, you need to review these points. You are creating your list from the cases you worked on, it should be easy to address an questions that come up if you are prepared.

1. Anticipate the questions from the examiner – as your cases are reviewed what do you think the questions will be? You might want to seek a professional to practice with.

2. Know Your Case List – reaffirm that comprehend and can explain the implications of all histology results.

3. Problems In Treatment – Be able to explain all the complications you experienced handling the cases.

Remember the management of the case and all the possible outcomes that could have occurred.

4. Be ready – to defend your most complicated case. You managed the patient and can recall all the details of the case. Offer your logic, your experienced, and be able to defend your decisions.

5. Identify – all the units of hormones mentioned on your list.

6. Justify the length of stay on all OB and GYN cases (relevant to the pathology and the presence/absence of complications) and the number of visits on all office cases.

Tip of the day – You treated the patients and created the case list so you should know it much better than the examiner. Be able to support the treatment that you gave in a confident and complete manner.

Source by Dr. Alvin Schamroth

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