How Successful People Think – Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude


Have you dreamed of becoming a successful entrepreneur, but don’t know where to start?

You are not alone, there are millions of people who want to become successful entrepreneurs, but lack the necessary support. We are going to look at what steps you need to take in order to become a successful entrepreneur.

There is a tremendous amount of inaccurate information circulating that claim “you need to have money to make money” or “it is who you know not what you know”. Granted having money and connections can help if you don’t have the right mindset then all of the money in the world won’t make you a success but if you follow the same habits that other successful entrepreneurs use then your chances of attaining success will grow exponentially.

Here are the three top secrets that work for me.

Everyone Can Be An Entrepreneur, Yes Everyone Including You!

Entrepreneurs are not born they are made and if you are reading this then you have the ability to become an entrepreneur because you have exhibited one of the best qualities an entrepreneur can have and that is a healthy curiosity. Successful business people are never content with the status quo, they are constantly looking for ways to do things better and that is what you are looking for as well, a faster way to achieve success!

We are going to look at what qualities a successful business leader has, some of these qualities you currently have and do not realize it. We will also look at what are some of the qualities that can hinder your success. Everyone has to start somewhere and today is the first day in the rest of your life so let’s make it a great day!

The Power of Discovering Thinking Big

There is an adage, “If you can dream it you can achieve it” and this is one quality that all entrepreneurs have granted some of them are bigger dreamers than others, but they all share that common quality of envisioning themselves becoming very successful and then taking proactive steps towards that goal.

Sit down and make a list of all your goals no matter how farfetched they may seem in your mind. You are going to be amazed by how many goals you actually have.

After you have established what your goals are you need to come up with action items that can be implemented right away. These “action items” are things you can do right now that will bring you one step closer towards your goal of achieving success, no matter how small that step may be it is one more than you had yesterday. By having these milestones and working towards them you are more likely to attain your big goals.

To use an analogy imagine you had to eat an elephant how would you go about it? An elephant is a big animal weighing tons and nearly 7 meters high in some cases so it would be a big challenge to eat it in one meal. The only way to eat that elephant is one small piece at a time. This elephant is like your big dreams, you cannot do it all at one time but you can break it down into smaller segments which are easier to handle. By taking this gradual approach you will surely reach your goals no matter how lofty they may seem.

Most successful entrepreneurs keep a journal of each and every milestone they have attained and reward themselves for these successes. With each milestone that you reach you are getting closer to your goal that not so long ago you thought was “too big!”

Something that is vital is to never doubt your capability; most would be entrepreneurs fail not because they weren’t capable. These individuals failed because they never bother to try, you are guaranteed to fail if you never make an attempt so with that mindset you really need to believe in yourself, other individuals just like you have attained success by sheer will and hard work so don’t sell yourself short, be certain and take action.

Positive Thoughts and Affirmations

We have touched on the importance of setting big goals however we haven’t looked at the role that positive thinking and affirmations have on our results. The human mind is a truly remarkable thing.

Whatever we envision and strive towards we can achieve. If a person tells themselves that making money is hard, only rich people can start their own business, I am not smart enough to run a business, these thoughts become reality and that person will find it very hard to start off in business or earn more money than what they are currently getting.

These positive thoughts will help you stay motivated even when you are facing challenges and you will face challenges that are just the nature of life. To give you an example a positive person will see an obstacle as a challenge while a negative person will see a “problem”. The difference in thinking will have an impact on results. The good news is a negative mindset can be corrected by following a few of these exercises.

First look at other successful people who you consider heroes or role models, what do they do each and every day? They set a goal or series of goals and once the goal for that had has been realized they reward themselves accordingly.

Once you start seeing yourself able to achieve these daily goals you will migrate away from the negative mindset into a more positive one. Start right now by taking responsibility for your own thoughts instead of saying “I hope” or “hopefully” try using “I will” or “I am” by using these possessive terms you are taking responsibility for your thoughts and that is a very empowering feeling.

We all want to be successful and once you start connecting your thoughts with results you can’t help but want to be positive.

… let’s focus on developing your positive attributes and achieve success together.

Success follows when we have a positive mental attitude.

Source by Belen Campugan

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