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Business Processes: Modeling, Simulation, Execution

Business Process is by definition is a series of tasks completed by an operational business in order to deliver a service or achieve an organizational goal. In a streamline of activities, the stakeholders accomplish each step defined as the input to get to the desired objective (output).

Business process models represent a fundamental role in examining, simulating, and executing the business process. Organizations rely primarily on business processes to execute their strategies.

in this free 6 weeks course, Prof. Dr. Weske introduces you to the concepts of business and decision modeling applying the industry standards Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) as well as Decision Model and Notation (DMN). The course is open to students and professionals where the participants can learn the elements of process models and decision models together with their specific meaning. 

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OpenSAP FREE Online Courses

SAP SE. the European multinational software and technology solutions corporation published a new digital learning action for students and professionals. This initiative would help people interested in continuous learning during this COVID-19 challenging time to learn and gain new skills through new innovative and interactive educational content. 


This compelling program is based on three educational objects: massive open online courses (aka MOOCs), learning journeys for universities, and the SAP Young Thinkers program – as part of SAP’s comprehensive learning and enablement program.

Concerning learning, SAP provides also a solid platform named openSAP, a virtual door that is dedicated to helping students with training and education materials related to the latest digital innovations and leading technologies.