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organisational transformation
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Organizational Transformation. 4 Key elements to success.

Organizational transformation is a challenging process whereby some essential elements need to be considered before initiating the change on a…

Artificial Intelligence
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The birth of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, the conception¬† Artificial Intelligence as a research field was conceived in the year of 1956 during a seminal…

virtual gambling
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Virtual Gambling in times of VR

Virtual Reality First, there was virtual reality, and now there is virtual gambling. It appears as though the world is…

Artificial Intelligence
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The intuitive Artificial Intelligence

The intuitive algorithm¬† Roger Penrose thought of it as unimaginable. Thinking would never emulate a PC procedure. He said that…

Virtual Reality
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Depression and the Virtual Reality Solution

Virtual Reality and Games Who might have imagined that a tremendously well-known virtual reality adventure video game like Duke Nukem…

penny stock
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Making Money With Penny Stocks

Penny Stocks Investing is a great idea to build wealth while avoiding that our capital and savings lose value through…

Cultural Change
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Culture Change and its impact on Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation A continuously increasing number of organizations are looking to mindfully change the way they do business to…

virtual reality
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Getting closer with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality PC gaming has brought new dimensions to the game as one of the most exciting and thriving ventures…

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Xbox in the time of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Era. We should leave the format war among Sony and Microsoft and investigate a gaming wonder that improves…

Artificial Intelligence
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The Development of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence. The computer has come a long way from being the incredibly large mammoth-like machine that once occupied three…

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The Internet of Things – The Inevitable Future?

Technology never fails to bring us exciting developments and always promises to make our lives better. In recent years, there…

healthy food
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Healthy Life with Healthy Food

All of us love food! An exception is when someone is anorexic or in such a depressed state, they hardly…