A new feature is coming to your Memrise app very soon!

We recently asked on Twitter what everyone thought is the best way to learn a language. “Being surrounded by native speakers!” was the strongest answer. And hey, we agree!

Over the past months, we’d actually been thinking and working very hard to create an experience within the app that could give you that incredible sense of being immersed in a language, its culture, its people, all of its inside quirks and jokes. Something that immersed you so much in the language, that you’d soon become a natural at understanding it.

And now that we, as in all of us, find ourselves living a new kind of reality, we thought it was even more important to put the pedal to the metal to build something that really gets us all feel connected to other humans across the globe. As if we were in all of those amazing places, and with all the amazing people that live there, you know, all those good things that drive our desire to learn a new language.

And…well, that’s what we’ve been working on. What would that look like, you say? Well, here’s a sneak peek!

It’s nearly finished! We’re so close, actually, that you’ll need to keep an eye in this space and your app over the next week because it’s almost ready to land. It’ll first arrive on the iOS app, and you’ll need to make sure you update to the latest version.

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